Stalls & Rides


Come to the St Dympna’s Fair and have some fun! There’s plenty on offer this year for all age groups.

Dodgem Cars

Buckle up, start those engines and go for a whirl around our track! Children must be 120cm tall to drive, however kids 90cm - 120cm may ride as a passenger with an adult 16+ years driving.

Miami Trip

There's nothing like the ride of your life sitting side by side your friends and experiencing high negative G-forces that lift you out of your seat! Riders must be 125cms in height to ride alone.

Cha Cha

With the centre column rotating in one direction, seats whirling in the another, passengers experience a thrilling zigzag motion Riders must be at least 120cms tall to ride.

Super Slide

Race your friends and see who can slide to the finish line the fastest! Riders must be 100cms tall to ride alone, however kids 80-100cm may ride with an adult 16+ years of age.

Rock Climbing Wall

Take the challenge and reach for the top! Featuring a realistic rock surface, the wall includes colour coded ``hand holds`` of varying degrees of difficulty. Climbers must weigh between 20kg - 110kg.

Laser Skirmish

An immensely popular game where players must de-activate their opponents, using Sci-fi styled Laser Phasers. Suitable for kids 6 years and over. Parents are welcome to join in with their kids.

Tea Cups

Come and have fun, as you get spun! This might just be your cup of tea! Riders must be 100cms tall to ride alone. However kids 80-100cm may ride when accompanied by an adult 16+ years of age.

Jumping Castle

Your kids can ``bob till they drop`` with the coolest gang of groovy gorillas, funky hippos, swinging chimps and crazy crocodiles! Children 5 to 15 years can jump, with two queues in operation based on size/age.

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